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About Us

Dr. Heike Jung & Catherine Respess
Enjoy connecting and engaging with new equine businesses with our online directory & community at HorseWorldConnect.  
Our Website, Podcasts, Giveaways, and Social Media groups introduce you to new horse-related products and services you may not have heard of...YET. 

Additional Services

Easily engage and stay connected with your audience with 
Giveaways, Podcasts, Landing Pages, Emails and Newsletters.
ADVERTISE your products or services, ENGAGE your contacts, STAY IN TOUCH with personalized communications.


Starting at $249

*Included in your

HWC Listing

Generate Leads with a GIVEAWAY

Target your audience and promote your horse-related product or service via a GIVEAWAY.
Our Giveaways are set up to generate leads for you by encouraging contestants to SHARE their unique invite link with their friends via social media, FB messenger, and emails. 


We make it easy for you by:
  • Discussing and Brainstorming Giveaway ideas with you

  • Setting up your Giveaway with your brand colors in mind

  • Editing the Giveaway based on your feedback

  • Sharing with our email list and on Social Media

  • Drawing the random winner and referral winner for you

  • Sending you a spreadsheet of leads generated from your Giveaway

  • Encouraging you to send "love my list" email follow-ups 

Landing Page

Starting at $99

Advertise Effectively with a LANDING PAGE

Tell your audience about DETAILS, FEATURES, and BENEFITS of your new product your upcoming event via an online Landing Page. 
  • Pictures, testimonials, and videos to showcase your product or service

  • Prominently display a Registration or Purchase Button

  • Your Landing Page will be hosted on which means you won't pay additional fees.


Provide answers to the following questions and we'll get to work for you:
  • Who is hosting?

  • Who should attend?

  • Why should they attend?

  • What will they learn?

  • What can they do with this knowledge?


Starting at $14

*Included in your HWC Listing

Reach your Audience via PODCASTS

Instead of repeating the same conversations with everyone you meet, leverage your knowledge with a podcast. Allow more people to discover you and your business with less time and effort! 
We'll happily host your recordings on our Podcast Channel. Our Podcasts have been downloaded over 2.5 THOUSAND times.


Podcast Options:
  • A Personal Interview with you about you and your business. We will send you questions ahead of time so you can prepare. Sometimes the conversation heads in a different direction depending on your personality, your business or your horse-related service, but the questions will give you food for thought. Your interview will be posted to our Podcast Channel which airs on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.

  • You Record a Weekly or Monthly Podcast about your service or product and we will air it on our Podcast Channel on YOUR specific time slot (a day and time reserved for your particular business) so your audience will know when to tune in to hear your words of wisdom.


Initial Set-up $79

Each Newsletter and

Email are $49

**> 2000 subscribers requires you to pay your Marketing Automation Platform cost 

Stand out with EMAILS and NEWSLETTERS

Keeping your audience engaged is crucial! Provide a well-designed presentation and a thought-provoking message will help you stand out in a flooded inbox.



Reach out to your audience with generalized info about what is going in your business

  • You provide the rough details and we'll set it up!

  • Let us create your monthly or quarterly Newsletters

“Love your list" emails:

Connect with your herd by offering wisdom unique to your business

  • We will write and send out emails for you 

  • We'll set up your auto-responder emails in MailChimp or your Marketing Automation Platform of choice**

  • You decide if your audience wants to hear from you weekly or every other week