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Welcome to the team and thank you so much for believing in our idea to connect horse lovers with horse related businesses across the United States in an Online Directory. As you can see, Horse World Connect is "more than an online directory"'s a CONNECTION for horse related businesses and horse lovers.

This new venture is launching without outside investments. We offer the following guidelines and compensation plan.


1. Enjoy what you do. 2.Believe in the product. 3.Engage with prospects
and allow them to direct
us forward.


15% commission
on all paid business registrations

Regular, Featured or Sponsored

Paycheck at Month End
* IRS 1099

About Us is an online directory connecting horse people with horse-related businesses around the world. We list ALL horse-related businesses in ONE online directory so you can search and find anything horse related in one website. With one click you can link to websites, addresses and phone numbers, redeem coupons, request horse related services, win prizes, and much more. Connect, engage, and communicate with horse-related businesses on a more personal level. Here’s to connecting your horse world! Catherine, Deb, and Heike.


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