12 Benefits of listing your Equine Business on HorseWorldConnect

Most equine directories list your business like the Yellow Pages used to list your business but in a digital format. Your listing will include your name, address, phone number, and website link. If you pay more, it may include a picture and a short description. This is what it may look like:

HorseWorldConnect.com is WAY more than an online directory. We are an interactive online directory AND community for equine businesses. We actively support you and promote your products and services.

Here is what our listing looks like for the same company:

Click on the logo and you are taken to a mini website within our website for that listing. Here you can tell your audience more about your business, showcase your employees (including yourself), list your products and services and even display your testimonials or product portfolio.

Once your listing is up, we promote you on our Social Media pages and groups. We offer to create lead generating Giveaways for you, connect you with other businesses for collaboration, and toot your horn for you.

We also promote your blogs for you by “drip feeding” an article to your audience all year long. Forget about writing a blog and then archiving it after a week. Your blog is seen over and over again with the same content but different titles and images.


As if that wasn’t enough. You can list your Events and Coupons with us for free. Our Coupons work like Groupons (except we don’t charge you for it).

Want another reason to list with us? We list NON-PROFITS for FREE!!


Here is a recap of the 12 Benefits of  listing your Equine business on HorseWorldConnect.com

  1. We are WAY more than an online directory
  2. We are interactive
  3. Your listing includes your logo, picture, address, phone number,
  4. Your listing includes a detailed description of your business
  5. Your listing includes a list and description of your employees
  6. Your listing includes a list of services (including costs if you wish)
  7. Your listing includes a list of products
  8. Your listing includes Coupons
  9. Your listing includes your upcoming Events
  10. We promote your business on our Social Media pages and groups
  11. We list Non-Profits for FREE
  12. You even can make money with our generous Affiliate Program

Yes, we do all of that and our membership fees start at $10/month. So what are you waiting for? Connect with us so we can connect YOU with other equine businesses and horse people who may not have heard of you…YET.


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Heike from HorseWorldConnect

Dr. Heike Jung is the boss mare at HorseWorldConnect.com. She's a veterinarian by trade and focuses solely on Equine, Canine and Feline Chiropractic care on a part time basis. Her main goal is to grow Horse WorldConnect and create meaningful connections for your equine business. Her horse Frog is not far from her side and seems to be the inspiration for a lot of her ideas.

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