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Equine Alchemy


Equine Alchemy

Coaching with horses is the alchemy of connecting the human heart and spirit in the service of others. Begin your connection now and discover if Equine Assisted Coaching and Leadership Development is right for you or your business!

The only Equine Assisted Coach Training approved by the International Coach Federation in the world! 

Learn how to coach through ICF standards, equine facilitated learning, based upon the Eponaquest Approach, and the seamless integration of both to form transformative Equine Assisted Coaching.

Join us as we go ‘behind the scenes’ in one of my Equine Assisted Coaching sessions!  What do I do, when and why are just some of the Masterful Coaching Tips you will receive from this cutting edge experience!

Each month we deconstruct an actual equine assisted coaching session!  Equine Alchemy’s mission is to inspire conscious transformation in ourselves and others through coaching and horses. 

Our monthly Case Study Tele-Class is part of living that mission through offering our students, graduates and potential new herd members an opportunity to deepen and understand the empowering process of conscious transformation coaching from the heart!!