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Equolution LLC offers education and remote- and onsite consultation as well as natural formulas for functional Equine Health and -nutrition. The company mission is based on the same name approach developed by retired German Veterinarian, nutritionist and scientist Dr. Gabriele Gross, PhD. (Dr. Gabi)

Equolution teaches horse owners how to naturally:

  1. Increase Equine wellness
  2. Prevent and get rid of many chronic health issues
  3. Enhance Equine performance and appearance

Below a list of examples for which Equolution has worked well on thousands of horses worldwide:

  • Build muscle and topline
  • Create ideal body weight (both, up or down)
  • Balance digestive issues 
  • Reduce risk for ulcers
  • Create the perfect individual diet for your horse 
  • Reduce anxiety and lack of focus
  • Get to the root of metabolic issues
  • Address endocrine issues effectively
  • Increase hoof health, build heel, create better hoof quality
  • Increase calm performance energy
  • Make your horse happier and more relaxed

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