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Healing with Horses Sanctuary


Healing with Horses Sanctuary

At Healing with Horses Sanctuary we are passionate about connecting horses and humans to support you to personally, and professionally, create the change you want to experience while restoring balance to your life.

Join Gloria to experience one-on- one or group Healing with Horses sessions, in the Spokane, WA area, learning easy tools to handle the day to day stresses which life can bring

You can participate in a variety of NVC workshops in Eastern Washington, or internationally via video/teleconferencing.

Gloria facilitates a year-long Depth-Empathy Program (an international video/telephone community) which opens in January each year.

Gloria's heart remains especially tender for those struggling to make sense of developmental and learning challenges. She is available to work in a variety of settings with you; businesses, schools, churches and family environments, you'll learn many supportive practices to develop effective skill sets.