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Horses Happily Ever After


Horses Happily Ever After

AKA Tanya Buck, Holistic Horse Training.

Specializing in helping the horse and rider communicate clearly by creating and utilizing individualized solutions that benefit both human and horse. Lessons, training, workshops, clinics, and Reiki sessions/courses are available world-wide.

The Horses Happily Ever Project exists to give back to the horses and the humans who work toward enabling a happier existence by promoting safety, sanity and common sense. 15% of profits are donated yearly to different organizations who align with these goals. For 2018, the focus will be to end slaughter of horses and to protect the wild equids in America. Read more at

Tanya Buck is an author and equine advocate in Colorado. Books include 101 WAYS TO DIE WITH A HORSE OR LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, an esential safety guide for horse and rider, and soon to be released, YOU AND YOUR HORSE, HAPPILY EVER AFTER, an essential relationship guide for horse and rider, along with WHITE HORSE, a novel. Books can be purchased at or on Amazon in both digital and hard copy.