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Northwest School of Animal Massage


The Northwest School of Animal Massage was founded in 2001 to answer the call for vocational training in animal massage in Washington State. Since that time, NWSAM has grown to provide vocational training and education for animal advocates worldwide.

Students travel from all over the globe to our Puget Sound campus or to one of our many campuses to learn massage, acupressure, manual ligament therapy and other related therapies.  Our blended learning programs include online learning and hands-on training. Our academic programs are considered some of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our continuing education and animal owner classes are as fun as they are information.

NWSAM is the exclusive provider of training in Manual Ligament Therapy for Animals and also provides training in the Equi-Tape Methodology

NWSAM partners with animal rescues and shelters around the country. We offer classes at Oregon Humane Society, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Kauai Humane Society and we have offered training to inmates at Frasier Valley Women’s Correctional Facility in British Columbia and the McClarren Youth Detention facility in Oregon.

NWSAM is recognized by NBCAAM, ORHECC, WWTB and as a Category A provider with NCBTMB.

At NWSAM, the Future is in Your Hands!