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The Business of Coaching with Horses


Schelli’s unique eight-week program is based on her book, "The Business of Coaching With Horses", and is designed to help equine-focused coaches move their business forward in a positive and sustainable way.

This program was created to help you bring your healing, creativity and transformative coaching with horses to the right clients, those who need and are willing to pay for your extraordinary talent and service. Through a series of soul-searching exercises and intense group and one-on-one coaching, Schelli will help you identify and understand your unique natural and learned abilities, and translate that into marketable expertise.

She will help you identify your ideal client, and invite them to work with you.

Together, you will excavate your deeply rooted beliefs and behaviors around money to create a new, healthy relationship with money and abundance. She will also guide and support you as you create the programs and services you plan to provide, learn to understand the value of each and price them accordingly.

To learn more about this equine assisted business coaching program or to see if it is a fit for you, complete her free assessment and/or schedule a call with Schelli.

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