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The Horse Connection LLC


The Horse Connection, LLC is recognized nationally for excellence in developing capable and resilient individuals and trust-based equine-human relationships. The Horse Connection, LLC offers Equine Gestalt Coaching for anyone desiring to make positive choices in their life and Quality Trust- Based Partnership Training for horses and those who love them.

The mere presence of the horse can transform a troubled heart to a heart filled with tranquility or peace. In short, horses give us space to dream and those dreams can turn into actions. Specializing in business or leadership group retreats, workshops for women facing mid-life decisions, couples that desire better communication and one-on- one coaching for individuals who are grieving over the loss of a beloved pet.

Our services are offered at Bellamy Farms, 180 acres of woods and rolling pasture lands with its meandering creeks and a pond that provides security for the ducks, geese and a crane. The large horse stable with indoor arena on top of the hill has a demanding presence. The large outdoor ring, high- wall round pen and wooded obstacle course informs the guests that this is a working facility that provides optional opportunities for learning but takes safety seriously.

Partnering with horses, we help individuals reclaim their dreams and foster their unique capabilities. Horses have an innate sense that has kept them safe from predators for centuries. They live in the here and now and are aware of what is going on all around them, including our energy fields and our body language. When we are in the horse’s presence, they know if we are excited, nervous, or calm. You might say they are our “lie detectors” while also being our “bodyguard”.

As you well know, when we are the one involved in a troubling situation, it is much more difficult to see our path clearly. Often our past distorts our thoughts, our past choices seem to dictate our next choices or our inner critic is working overtime to convince us that we are not worthy to reach for a better future.

Working with an Equine Gestalt Coach is the best of all possibilities when faced with a troubling situation, unclear direction or desiring better communication and teamwork from co-workers. Everyone experiences personal awakenings and new insights that will alter how they feel and think for the rest of their life. You will become a believer that your time spent with your Equine Gestalt Coach and her horse partner was the best investment in yourself you have made in a very long time.