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  • Buy 3 Journals - Get 1 Free

    "The journals have made a huge difference in my riding. Having an organized space to write down new information from my lessons not only allows me to reiterate what my instructor told me but I am able to retain the information better for my next ride. I feel as though I am progressing quicker because my trainer doesn't have to keep repeating herself in our lessons, since my rides throughout the week are more efficient & effective. ​ I now approach my rides with a different mindset. I feel as though I am more mentally prepared and have a better plan that will benefit my horse. It has also allowed me to notice changes in my horse that I may not have realized if it was not written down. Being able to go back 5 months ago to a specific day has been beyond beneficial for many reasons." - Karrie Dash

    Code: TEJ

    Business name: The Equestrian Journal

    Active on: January 1, 2018

    Expire on: December 31, 2018

    Terms and Conditions : Offer: FOUR (4) Original bound journals for the price of 3. One coupon per customer. $4 shipping per journal is included in the price.

    Original Price : $83.96

    Coupon : $66.97

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