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  • Volunteer

    Non Profit | Rescue

    I want a place where I can help out!

  • Looking to board gelding and mare

    Boarding | Boarding Stables

    I'm looking for a boarding facility near Middleburg, VA for my two horses (mare and gelding). I'm looking for turnout with a natural field (not groomed to perfection). My mare has a tendency to founder on lush pastures but I would still like her to be on grass. Pasture boarding with run in shed is okay depending on pasture. Otherwise I would be interested in stabling at night in winter and during day in summer.

  • Need a new Hoof Trimmer

    Hoof Health | Natural Hoof Trimmer

    I just moved from SC to VA and I need a new hoof trimmer for my horses. I live in Middleburg, VA.

  • Need a book recommendation

    Books, CDs, DVDs | Fiction

    I would like to read a horsey fiction book. Can anyone recommend one???

  • Want to make a website

    Marketing | Website Design

    Want to make a website using wordpress.

  • Life Coach

    Professional Services | Life Coaching

    I'm looking for a life coach who has experience with Equine Assisted Coaching.

  • New Website

    Marketing | Website Design

    I'm looking to update my website. I need functionality buttons and all the bells and whistles that come with an AMAZING website for my clients.

  • Life Coach

    Professional Services |

    Looking for a life coach urgently.

  • horse journal

    Books, CDs, DVDs | Journal

    I'm looking for a horse journal for my niece. She wants to keep a diary of her horse related activities. I want a journal that isn't just blank pages but that will guide her in keeping track of her progress.

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