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About Us

Dr. Heike Jung & Catherine Respess
Enjoy connecting and engaging with new equine businesses with our online directory & community at HorseWorldConnect.  
Our Website, Podcasts, Giveaways, and Social Media groups introduce you to new horse-related products and services you may not have heard of...YET. 

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Helping you Get the Word Out about your Equine Business...


through Conversations and Connections!

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Post about you.


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Sometimes all it takes

to move forward

is a conversation and a little guidance.

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Your voice is powerful.

Give advice, ideas, inspiration, and words of wisdom relating to your horse-related product or service.

HorseWorldConnect Podcast Channel has received over 2.6 THOUSAND downloads in the last 6 months.

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But YOU want fast Forward Momentum....

Heike is a coach who is focused on helping those with whom she works achieve their best personal result. She is highly effective in helping you zero in on your strengths. Her keen insight and genuine nature make her an exceptional coach.


 ~~Lori Tolson, Soul Synergist Coach

You are a HorseWorldConnect Unicorn!


Unicorns stand out in a herd of horses.

We love your drive for faster forward momentum.

You have questions and you need answers now.

You aren't afraid to assess your brand, receive help crafting your message, let go of time consuming tasks, and work IN your business while we work ON your business.

We LOVE working with Unicorns!

Even after 30 years of building businesses, leading divisions for Fortune companies, training leaders in the top technology and health care companies, and having taught at a college level, I was not prepared for the depth of clarity and direction I received in only a couple of coaching sessions. Dr. Heike Jung is a phenomenon among executive coaches.

~JuliAnna Stone, DBA, MBA, CEO, Career Life Academy

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