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About Us

Dr. Heike Jung, Lead Mare & Founder of HorseWorldConnect


As a Veterinarian and Animal Chiropractor, Natural Horsemanship Instructor and Certified Professional Coach, Dr. Jung always looks “outside the box.”  


In her life journey, she’s met a lot of amazing people with great visions and love for horses. Besides horses, one of Heike's passions is connecting people and businesses who seem to be a great fit.


Creating an online community for supporting and connecting people who work with and for horses feels natural and fits into her journey.




Chelsea Hepner, Instagram Filly


Chelsea brings her love of horses, her equestrian mindset, her enthusiasm and proficiency in Social Media to our team.


Chelsea’s been riding horses since she was 3 years old. She participated in the 2011 Pony Finals with her pony, Callihan Rose, which was a dream come true. She competed on the collegiate circuit and was co-captain her senior year.


She is a graduate from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies with a focus in Social Media.



People and Businesses we recommend for additional Marketing Help and Content Creation

Catherine Respess, Designer &  Owner of Red Mare Enterprises


The patience and creativity required to train horses permeates Catherine's approach to all of her projects!


Her background is in website and graphic design, logo creation, marketing, advertising, and photography. 


She approaches all projects with vigorous enthusiasm and all clients with respect. 




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About Us

Dr. Heike Jung & Frog
Enjoy connecting and engaging with equine businesses. Get to know the people behind the business by listening to their podcasts. 
Our Website, Podcasts, Giveaways, and Social Media groups introduce you to new horse-related products and services you may not have heard of...YET.