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Individualized Support for YOU and YOUR Business

Helping you get the word out about your Equine Business
through Podcasts, Conversations, Coaching and Connections!
Choose from our Champion or Mastermind Memberships



All of this for only

$29/month (previously $49)


or $290/year

(that's 2 months free)


Become one of our Champion Members


Increase the Impact of your Equine Business with Personalized Support and Services.

GROW your audience, STAY CONNECTED with your subscribers, BUILD your business confidence.


Here's what you get:
Champion Membership

Not interested in a Membership? 

Feel free to pick INDIVIDUALIZED SERVICES to help you get the word out about your Equine Business.



$12 per podcast




*Unlimited Podcasts Included in your Champion Membership


Reach your Audience with PODCASTS

People are more likely to purchase from you once they get to know, like, and trust you.
Since you can't have conversations with everyone, allow them to discover you and your business through Podcasts!
We'll happily host your recordings on our Podcast Channel. Our Podcasts have been downloaded over 10 THOUSAND times in the last few months.


Podcast Options:
  • A Personal Interview with you about you and your business. We will send you questions ahead of time so you can prepare. Sometimes the conversation heads in a different direction depending on your personality, your business or your horse-related service, but the questions will give you food for thought. Your interview will be posted to our Podcast Channel and re-distributed on Social Media.

  • You Record Stories, Advice, Ideas, or Testimonials about your service or product and we will air it on our Podcast Channel on YOUR specific time slot (a day and time reserved for your particular business). The recordings must be 10 minutes or shorter. Email your recordings to us and we'll do the rest.

Heike Frog.png



with Dr. Heike Jung

$149 per Session



Move forward with Breakthrough Coaching

I'm a Certified Professional Coach.
I love working with people who are struggling. Sometimes they struggle in their business, sometimes they struggle in their life. 
Whatever the struggle, by the time they find me, they are ready to get "unstuck" and find forward momentum.


If you are Stuck, that's OK.

Helping you achieve "Forward Momentum" is what I am about. You don't need to change, you just need to re-assess, re-align, and create a plan.

I know coaching is supposed to be a year long process. (That's what the gurus say.) But I know you can get clarity with just one of my sessions. 

All you need is to get unstuck. Imagine a horse stuck in mud, or caught in a fence. Once they are free, they can run again. Let me help you get unstuck!

  • We'll talk about where you are and where you want to be.

  • We'll discuss where you are stuck.

  • We'll figure out how to get you unstuck.

  • We'll create a few tasks to get you moving forward NOW.

Breakthrough Coachig
Giveaway photo.jpg

Lead Generating


$79 per Giveaway

Unlimited Giveaways Included in your

Champion Membership


Generate Leads with GIVEAWAYS

Target your audience and promote your horse-related product or service via a GIVEAWAY.
Our Giveaways are set up to generate leads for you by encouraging contestants to SHARE their unique invite link with their friends via social media, FB messenger, and emails. 


We make it easy for you by:
  • Discussing and Brainstorming Giveaway ideas with you

  • Setting up your Giveaway with your brand colors in mind

  • Editing the Giveaway based on your feedback

  • Sharing with our email list and on Social Media

  • Drawing the random winner for you

  • Sending you a spreadsheet of leads generated from your Giveaway

  • Encouraging you to send "love my list" email follow-ups 


"Love your list" Emails

$49 per Email 



**> 2000 subscribers requires you to pay your Marketing Automation Platform cost 


Stand out with meaningful EMAILS

Keeping your audience engaged and connected to you is crucial! Sending regular emails is time consuming.
Often you're at a loss of what to say...or how to say it.
Let us help you with our...

“Love your list" emails.

Connect with your herd by sending them nuggets of wisdom, personal stories, advice, offers, and more.

  • We will write and send out emails for you 

  • We'll set up your auto-responder emails in MailChimp 

  • You decide if your audience wants to hear from you weekly or every other week

Love your list Emails

If you need help with Content CreationSocial Media Campaigns, or

Website Design...

If you want to share your story in an online Equine Newspaper... 


If you need Business Training exclusive to the Equine Industry...

Check out our exclusive HorseWorldConnect Partners. (Remember the Champion Membership offers you a 10% Discount with our Partners.)
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