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Breakthrough Coaching

Gently empowering you to "Get Unstuck" and Move Forward

Am I the Right Coach for YOU?


You know how talking to a good friend just helps you feel better?

Well, what if that good friend had experience bringing clarity and focus to people in all kinds of situations?  That friend might actually be a mentor...


Flip that coin over and think about a time you got advice that didn't sit well with you.  Perhaps the person didn't understand you or made you feel judged?  That experience can be discouraging even depressing!​

I'm Dr. Heike Jung and over the years I've worn quite a few different hats as a doctor, a leader, a healer, an equestrian, an entrepreneur, and a coach. However, there has always been a common thread in my work: I help people feel empowered.  

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An emotionally safe environment allows me to ask you questions you may have never thought of.

At every stage in my career, it was natural for me to support and gently allow people to see their strengths. Year after year, I've found myself working with those who needed help directing their energy to achieve incredible results.  For me, it starts with allowing you to grow in an Emotionally Safe environment. 

All of my clients report the same thing:

"I feel so much better now because I feel like I have a plan."

“Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals — career, personal, or most often, both.” – Newsweek

Here's What to Expect:


An Emotionally Safe Environment

  • I do all of my coaching calls via phone or Skype and there's a reason for that. I want you to feel completely comfortable in your environment. Confiding in another person is difficult enough without you having to worry about the external environmental influences.
  • Our sessions are CONVERSATIONS not discussions. We explore the best way for YOU to get unstuck and move forward.
  • There are no RIGHT or WRONG answers during our sessions. 
  • All sessions are completely confidential.


One-on-One Support and Guidance​

  • Conversations about where you are and where you want to go
  • Questions and ideas to get you unstuck and move you forward
  • Asking those questions you don’t want to ask yourself
  • Creating accountability suited to your needs, wants, and fears
  • Moving you forward
  • Allowing your forward momentum to create ripple effects in your own life and those around you


A Shift

  • Forward momentum only happens when we allow ourselves to explore other options, other ideas and other beliefs
  • It's the shift in mindset that lets you take your next step
  • THIS is where coaching is invaluable (and that's why I work with several coaches myself)

Expect Amazing Breakthroughs



"I was happy to win a coaching call with Heike through Horse World Connect...and oh boy... did I need that call.


I’m an excellent procrastinator and Heike helped me understand the very clear next steps I needed to take to wrap up a major project that has been part of my life for the last 8 years.


Not only did she give me some clarity as to my motivations with all the delays, she helped me understand how much less stress I would be under if I just got this thing off my plate to work on new projects coming around the corner.


I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you Heike! "

--Rachel Satterfield Masen, Owner of Decidedly Equestrian 

Coaching Testimonials


I recently had a coaching session with Heike and it was incredible.


She truly listened to me, and then helped me put a few things into perspective that had really been impacting on me. With her help, I was able to reframe some of my thoughts and felt lighter and more settled instantly, and days later, it has had a great effect on me overall.


I will absolutely be back for more and I highly recommend her to everyone!

--Melody Semmler, Owner of Equine Entrepreneurs

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 2.42.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 2.44.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 2.45.08 PM.png


You really helped me take the time to look at how my life was compared to what I thought it was. 


It was really helpful to have you hold me accountable for creating change, not just thinking about doing it sometime in the near future. You were able to put into concrete illustrations and lists what my goals are, what my mission is, what I had, and what I needed to do to fulfill my vision. You also helped me find the connections I needed to help me move forward in taking “the next step”. You supported me while I had to make some tough decisions.


Thank you!  


Dr. Hancock--Owner of True North Equine Veterinary Services

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About 10 days ago I had my "Vision Reflection" done by Heike.  We did the interview on the Friday which was perfect timing as I was intending investing my Bank Holiday Monday to do my own 90 Day Planning for Profits session.


Heike's interview questions and her highly skilled way of having me search my mind for my hidden goals and dreams was quite extraordinary bringing things to the surface that although I knew they were floating about for me, they hadn't quite got to the point of being front of mind.


Even during that interview I felt a shift. It gave me so much food for thought that when I sat down to write my plan and during my subsequent miracle morning meditations, the clarity and the ideas were just flowing out of me.


When Heike presented me with my beautifully written and constructed vision reflection, I wept as she read it to me. It was so powerful, so inspiring and SO REAL.  I am listening to and reading my beautiful VR every day as part of my Miracle Morning and in a short week I am seeing and feeling profound changes physically, personally and professionally. Thank you Heike what an amazing service to provide. 


Carie Lyndene --"The Success Coach"


Having known Dr. Jung for some time now, when she suggested the Vision Reflection, I knew it would be of value, but I had no idea what to expect.


I began to feel more focused immediately following the initial interview as it provided a safe space to express my dreams and goals as well as my frustrations and “perceived” limitations.


Little did I know, the best part was yet to come…

When Dr. Heike read my completed Vision Reflection, I felt it deep within my body.

I sat quietly in the reverberation of this wondrous feeling leaving Dr. Heike to think the call had been dropped. The positive energy created during the session began deep within my core and radiated out becoming larger than my body. I felt the light of my being reigniting and shining brightly. I “felt” my dreams and goals coming true!


The session was so valuable that I have already decided to schedule my Vision Reflection yearly. Thank you, Dr. Jung!

Teresa Bruni--Health and Wellness Coach

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Dr Jung has an innate ability to break down tasks that seem overwhelming.


If you are stuck, she is able to direct your actions through simple steps enabling you to move forward quickly.


She is an amazing listener, objectively finding appropriate actions and behaviors that are doable, non-threatening, providing action steps and deadlines such that within a short period of time you no longer have that cement weighing you down.


At the same time she is there for you - always willing to answer questions and alleviate concerns. She is not only a wonderful mentor but a great friend!

Patty McGinley--Independent Marketing Professional


In my first meeting with Dr. Jung, she was able to help me identify that I had made a career choice that was resulting in substantial frustration, discontent, and, ultimately, poor performance.


While this concern had been gnawing at me for some time, her gentle questioning and application of relevant metaphors let me see the truth that been inside of me all along,

but I had been resisting in pursuit of the almighty dollar!


As a result, I was immediately able to reroute my career path to be more consistent with my values, training, and experience.

I feel relieved and happier than I have in some time.


Dr. Jung has convinced me of her unique ability to identify the core problem and facilitate the answers from her client rather than just give advice. I believe that she is a truly amazing woman!

Christopher Ebert--Senior Directing Partner, Stone Bridge Multifamily Solutions, LLC

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Dr. Jung’s Vision Reflection was a transformational experience. Heike did not just create a list of my goals - she wrote my story, from the vantage point of a year from now. She added personal touches that made the Vision Reflection unique to me, which only added to the experience.


There was something incredibly powerful about hearing the story of my future read to me.


The Vision profile touched me on a level beyond rational thinking and planning. In Heike's narrative, I had not only achieved my goals, I actually felt the joy and pride that comes with achieving them.


Hearing my goals reflected back to me in a story format not only created a picture in my mind, but gave me the confidence that I will achieve all of my goals this year.

Ingrid King--Award winning author and publisher and founder, The Conscious Cat.

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After creating my Vision Reflection with Dr. Jung, I had a detailed image of how my life will be when I realize my goals.


Dr. Jung helped me fill in the blanks so I have an actionable plan that I know can get me to that vision. I also realized how my personal and business goals are working together.


I look at my vision statement every day, and it keeps me excited to reach my goals and focused on what I need to do to get there.


I highly recommend a vision statement for anyone who wants to have a great year!

Carol Bleyle--Freelance Writer for IronHorseWriting

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When I signed up for my Vision Reflection from you, I really had no idea what to expect but I was confident that it would be something special.


What I got was truly amazing! It was my vision of exactly where I want to be a year from now.


As I listened to you reading it to me I could see myself in that place, the picture of how it would be, really came alive and I knew that with the right support, I could take the steps that would get me to that wonderful place.

And importantly, it also showed me how far I have come already.

What seemed like an uphill battle before my Vision Report is now within my reach. I feel motivated and ready to move forward and really excited about the next 12 months. 


Thank you Heike.


Berni Wall--Managing Director, English Language Training, Ltd.


I first met Dr. Heike Jung when she came to the aid of a client horse I was training. She was easy to talk to, knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate - I knew I wanted to work with her again.


I decided to reach out to Dr. Heike and she hired me for a website project!  We've been collaborating for the last five years.  I can always expect great communication and professionalism - Heike may be my favorite client.


My Vision Reflection came at a time when I was really unsure how to accomplish my goals. I have two businesses and I tend to juggle a lot daily.  I'd made some big changes in my life, but I wasn't where I wanted to be.   I didn't know how else to move forward without making changes that felt wrong for me. I was exhausted all of the time and I needed help.  

I felt like Dr. Heike carefully combed through the tangled thoughts in my mind.  It was exciting

but also relaxing to discuss what I liked about my life and what I wanted to change.  For me, the Vision Reflection started the wheels turning.  I got really clear on what I would continue doing and I felt relief.


In our Next Step session, Dr. Heike introduced me to my current business partner - she found a perfect fit for both of us!  My partner and I trudged through some of the business planning, but thankfully, Heike was there gently nudging and making suggestions.  It was incredibly helpful to have her keeping us motivated and holding us accountable.


Last month, Dr. Heike coached me on residual income. We scoured through my current list of services for opportunities.  She advised me on a suitable marketing strategy and gave me a bit of homework.  While doing that research, I came up with "The EquestrianJournal." I'm really excited for the range of opportunities this project presents while simultaneously utilizing all of my skills.  


Creating this journal meant that I may afford to work less in the future, but in order to finish it quickly, I needed to rally. I'd been reading about Juice + through Dr. Heike and  I decided to try the capsules while I was pushing myself to create more.  I was already struggling to eat a variety of foods daily and I was hopeful for increased energy.


I was VERY happy to find that after a long day of work, I was sleeping better and waking up faster the next morning. I was getting out and enjoying my day off instead of resting all day. My mind and body just felt ready to tackle anything!  Taking the capsules once a day is so easy and I haven't forgotten them once.


If you feel alone in your struggles, need a friend to talk to, or want to get unstuck in your journey - you need Heike on your team.

Catherine Respess -- Red Mare Design

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