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Dr. Paul Haefner
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Riding Far, LLC was founded by Paul T. Haefner, Ph.D. to provide a wide range of sport psychology consultation services to riders, instructors, and trainers.


Our goal is to raise riders' awareness of the importance of mental and emotional skills in equestrian sport and to help equestrians of all ages, skill levels, and disciplines achieve their personal riding goals.

Riding Far, LLC



You bring genuine kindness and enthusiasm to your work with Horse World Connect that translates into results. 

You do more than share you thoughts and ideas.  You bring them to life in a way that is understandable and approachable. 

And, when its time to get things done to promote my business, you have been right at my side.  

I am grateful for all the that you and Horse World Connect has done to help me grow.


--Paul Haefner, PhD, Riding Far, LLC.

Beth Parrish

Horse World Connect is an incredible service that has opened up opportunities to showcase my business and reach my ideal clients.


I'm so grateful to Heike and her vision for this 'more-than-a-horse-directory'. She truly has innovative ideas and implements them in practical and clear ways.


My latest Giveaway helped me find over 150 new leads in the span of two weeks. For a small business, that means so much!


Thank you Heike! Love being a part of Horse World Connect.


I hope every horse owner and business can see and benefit from the true value that you offer to the horse world!


In gratitude, Beth & Inspired Riding

Beth specializes in helping Equestrians rediscover their mojo, so they can feel safe, confident, and connected.


She offers Remote Coaching around the world, as well as unique online courses.

Inspired Riding is a unique system for heart-based horse enthusiasts. Created by Beth Lauren Parrish, Certified Instructor and Encouraging Coach.

Inspired Riding

Kimberly & Jessica
Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 10.00.07

We have some news regarding Bridled Spirit we want to share with you. After much thought and deliberation we have decided to close Bridled Spirit at the end of this year. We had high hopes that after all the effort and love we have put into Bridled Spirit we would see more growth over the past year. As you can imagine, a number of factors go into making this decision including the consideration of our family life and ‘day jobs’. At this time, we are preparing to notify all of our current business partners and ask them to discontinue our monthly obligations. 

We want to take this time to say thank you for all of your support - it means so much to us! We will continue to stay in contact and support all the great things Horse World Connect is doing! 

Much love and Merry Christmas!

Kimberly & Jessica

Bridled Spirit Subscription Box

As a new small business owner, we cannot express how invaluable networking with HorseWorldConnect has been for our growing business.


Heike has been able to walk alongside us and help provide insights, support and priceless leads to connect us with resources we would not have found otherwise.


Horse World Connect has been a place where like minded equestrian businesses can network together and cultivate their unique talents as a central online resource for the equine industry!

-Jessica and Kimberly, Bridled Spirit

Steve Maclin

The Patented AirJector-Vet® CO2 therapeutic treatment uses a warm mist of medical grade carbon dioxide to treat wounds directly and through the skin. The tissue under the wound responds to the CO2 by increasing blood flow through normal physio-logical mechanisms.


University research studies on our product have clearly demonstrated the long term benefits includin faster wound healing, remodeling of the vasculature, less risk of infection, and decreased inflammation.

Veterinary Transdermal, Inc.

Thank you for assistance over the past several months.  Horse World Connect has become my most valuable business networking tool.


Through your community, I have expanded our network significantly to find valuable partners with whom I would’ve not connected otherwise.


Since joining HWC, I am amazed at how quickly new meaningful connections have grown.  Every person I have contacted through your community has been a warm connection.


It is wonderful way to reach people and organizations in the equine world.

-Steve Maclin, VTI

Gloria Lybecker
Gloria Lacy small.JPG

At Healing with Horses Sanctuary we are passionate about connecting horses and humans to support you to personally, and professionally, create the change you want to experience while restoring balance to your life.

Join Gloria to experience one-on-one or group "Healing with Horses" sessions, in the Spokane, WA area, learning easy tools to handle the day to day stresses which life can bring. 

Healing with Horses Sanctuary


I listed as a Preferred Business with Horse World Connect because I loved Heike’s collaborative approach and her warm way of engaging with me. Her vision not only resonates with my values, I was also looking for create ways to expand my business connections partnering with others, both locally as well as globally!

I have received so much more. Not only do I have my own personal web space, but Heike interviewed me right away, and encouraged me to submit blogs, videos, and upcoming events. She has so many creative ideas and connections.


I even had the opportunity to put together a free giveaway with Heike handling all the details. She did all the backend work creating a viral marketing campaign, brainstorming with me and other women in the coaching field, putting together our ideas into action plans – she made it easy.


This has really opened things up energetically; connecting me with other people and new opportunities through Facebook and Google. My mailing list increased nearly 50 percent! I can’t wait to start meeting regularly in this community.

I highly recommend people who are wanting to grow their connections with others in the horse community to partner up with Heike through Horse World Connect – you will definitely grow community both locally and globally and receive tons of support along the way!

--Gloria Lybecker, Healing with Horses Sanctuary

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