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Casey M Jones | Healthy Posture + Healthy Hooves = Healthy Horse

Performance Hoof Care Combined with Bodywork to Maximize Mobility

Casey M. Jones, EDO, EqTPMT & CHCP promotes the body’s natural healing ability by specializing in equine osteopathy bodywork, trigger point myofascial therapy and structural barefoot trimming services.

By applying her knowledge of parietal, visceral and cranial-sacral Osteopathy systems to 22 years of hands-on experience, Casey cultivates harmony within

all functions of the equine body.

Work with Casey

- Structural Barefoot Trimmer

- Equine Osteopathic Bodywork

- Expert Whole Horse Evaluations

- Apprenticeship Program

Dynamic Postural Program

Myofascial Therapy


Contact: Casey Jones | 512-767-2556

Location: Boerne, Texas




Personal Interview Coming Soon!

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