Conscious Hoofbeat

Conscious Hoofbeat is for professional horsewomen who are curious enough to expand their breadth of knowledge and evolve in the arena of inner health through the exploration with our inner self.

I am Dr. Pamela and I guide professional horsewomen on their journey to inner health and wholeness through online courses, mastermind groups, and virtual women's Circle. I

am a professional equine and health educator, published author, and life-long learner with a high drive to incorporate mindfulness and contemplative practices with horses. I help horse women experience personal growth, improved inner health, and reduced stress.

Inner Health Circle isn't just a gathering of women. Circle is a sacred experience for women who are on their personal growth and transformational journey. In a Circle, there is no end and no beginning. All women are are equal and we show up to support and connect with one another.

Conscious Hoofbeat's vision is to educate, connect, and empower like-minded professional horsewomen to lead a healthier life within their equine-based business and within our human-equine partnerships.

Contact: Pamela Maynard



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