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Mastery Horsemanship

Don Jessop, a Montana native, is the author of the book Leadership and Horses, a master horseman and teacher who travels the country helping people with their horses. His natural, motivational attitude has inspired many people to achieve more in their studies and feel more confident in their own skin.

His teaching and horsemanship are drama free and he shares information with purpose and humor. His gentle, yet effective manner allows clients and clinic participants to listen, think and apply what they learn.

With more than two decades in the horse industry, training, teaching and traveling around the world, Don has helped thousands of people live and achieve their desire to ride, work at liberty, compete, and share their skills through performing arts.

Don is the founder of Mastery Horsemanship, Mastery Levels Certification, and the Horse Mastery Group.

As an animal behavior authority, Don has been teaching and training leadership skills in two unique industries. First, in the horse industry. After decades of studying behavior science with the best in the field, including over ten years in person, with Pat and Linda Parelli, and private classes with the late Ray Hunt, Monty Roberts, John Lyons, Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer), Lynn Eisenhardt (World Class Dolphin Trainer) Anthony Robbins (Peak Performance Coach) T-Harv Ekar (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind) and more, Don has worked to master the skills necessary to help address the things that hold anyone back and bring to the surface the best parts of each one of us.

“I owe it all to the people who walked before me and the people who walk with me now. It seems even when I think I’ve got it all together I’m reminded how we can’t do anything alone.” Don Jessop


Contact: Don Jessop

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