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Jillian Kreinbring Inspired

With a vision to train and ride horses in accordance with sound equine biomechanical principles, Jillian Kreinbring’s goal is to balance the natural and anatomic forces within and between the horse and human for healthy movement and vital longevity.

As a lifelong equestrian, Jillian Kreinbring's passion has been shaped to focus on what is healthy for ridden horses. A desire to understand horses at a deeper level took her on a learning journey to discover how the horse’s body functions biomechanically.

Each horse is an individual with specific needs. Jillian’s approach is to support horses in achieving their highest and best. She does this by applying classical principles combined with current knowledge of equine biomechanics and psychology. Jillian has committed herself to blend the best of these worlds over several years by studying both past and modern day masters. She is passionate about carrying forth this wisdom.

Education options include:

"Jillian is very well on her way to being one of the most important people
in the equine world and this is happening before our eyes......

Throughout her presentations and lessons, Jillian also referenced Peggy Cummings and Stephanie Millham as she was able to bring so many great minds and their wisdom together. To all of this, she layered her own personal experience through her studies and research in equine biomechanics. She also infused her personal learning as a student of Tai Chi, and her brilliance became evident. Mark is very much smiling.

Mark had always wanted all of his students to ride with Jillian. And that certainly holds true today, perhaps even more so as Jillian grows moment to moment. She is particularly relevant to professionals, equine bodyworkers, natural horse trimmers, veterinarians, trainers, and teachers. And of course all levels of riders for whom the only requirement is that they wish to learn about their horse’s movement, their horse’s health, and their horse’s psyche."

-----Hela Russell, Natural Dressage


  • Personal Interview coming soon!

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