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Movement Alive | Karin Miles


Movement Alive is all about improving the body for a refined connection while riding.

Karin Miles is a clinician who provides instruction for Seat and Core,

Balance in Motion, Classical Dressage,

and Work in Hand.

Karin is a certified German Riding Instructor, a certified in Seat-Core and Balance in Motion by the FN Germany, and one of the first Trainers ever in the US certified as a Franklin Method Equestrian Ball Trainer in conjunction with Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery (DNI).

Providing Seat, Core, and Rider Movement clinics for all disciplines - Karin uses special exercises and tools to improve rider flexibility and strength.

Karin's Mission: To improve Balance in Motion. To educate the rider about:
  • the components of a good seat

  • the challenges riders face in developing and maintaining that seat.

  • the importance of balance in the rider's body and mind as it influences the ridden dialogue with the horse.

  • develop more effective methods of riding instruction.

Have fun while your horse becomes more supple, willing, and focused!

Instruction Provided for:

  • Seat and Core,

  • Balance in Motion,

  • Classical Dressage, and

  • Work in Hand.

Get in touch with Karin to schedule a 1-day mini-clinic with 4-6 lessons locally in the Southeast US or a 2-day clinic nationwide or abroad.

Contact: Karin Miles | 256-783-3640 

Location: Karin is based at Miles and More Farm 271 Dollywood Drive Toney, Alabama 35773


"Karin is one of the most knowledgeable instructors that I have ever experienced. Her understanding of biomechanics and the impact of the rider on the horse is unparalleled. I love her teaching style. She is very transparent, and lets the rider know what needs to be changed, but also is very positive and encouraging. I attended my first clinic with Karin this weekend and was amazed at the very quick improvements in each rider and how these changes impacted their relationships with their horses. Karin helped me immensely with several areas that I have been working on, and I was very happy with the amount of progress in just 2 days. I highly recommend Karin for all riders who are serious about getting better."

--Mindy Passmore

Personal Interview Coming Soon!

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