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Wolfgang Scherzer Dressage

Wolfgang's students are proven competitors!

Wolfgang is a popular clinician around the United States due to his engaging teaching style and his firm commitment to correct riding.  Get in touch to learn more about setting up a clinic or finding a regularly scheduled clinic in your area.


Wolfgang Scherzer, born in Germany in 1958, began his equestrian training outside of Cologne at age 12 with Master Horst Behrendt. While in Germany, he trained under Manfred Broker and Jaap Pot. Upon graduating with his  Bereiter license at the young age of 19, Wolfgang began training for a local club and then briefly served in the military.

In 1983 Wolfgang Scherzer moved to the United States, where he began giving clinics in Florida. He has been giving clinics throughout the country ever since.  Birmingham, Alabama has been his home base now for 16 years.


Throughout his career, Wolfgang has continued his own education with top trainers.  In the early 1990's he had an opportunity to work with Herbert Rehbein.  He returned to Germany in the late 1990's to train with Jan Bemelmans. Wolfgang's current mentor is Lilo Fore, who he began training under in 2011. In 2012, he spent 3 weeks at Lilo's farm in California working on polishing Grand Prix movements on one of his horses in training.

Contact Wolfgang Scherzer about Dressage training, lessons, and clinics nationwide.

Contact: Wolfgang Scherzer | 205.612.7551

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Personal Interview Coming Soon!

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