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Give your Equine Business a VOICE

Helping you get the word out about your Equine Business with Podcasts, Conversations, and Connections! 

Champion Podcasting


All of this for only



Become one of our Champion Podcasters


Increase the Impact of your Equine Business

Give a VOICE to your equine business, STAY CONNECTED with your subscribers, and GROW your audience.


Here's what you get:
  1. We’ll host your podcasts on our HWC Podcast Channel (see the below for more details)

  2. Join our popular but secret Mastermind Facebook Group. Here you will receive individual as well as group support.

  3. We’ll add your logo, business name, description, and website link on our "Wall of Champions"

  4. Join the weekly Zoom Calls for individualized help, advice, and accountability.

  5. Engage with horse people in the Horse World Connect Club FB Group. Do Spotlight weeks to help draw engagement to your post.

  6. Receive a 25% Discount for Dr. Jung’s popular Business and Life Coaching Sessions (see below for more details)

Champion Membership


*Unlimited Podcasts Included in your

Champion Membership

Reach your Audience with PODCASTS

People are more likely to purchase from you once they get to know, like, and trust you.
Since you can't have conversations with everyone, allow them to discover you and your business through Podcasts!
Here is how it works in 3 simple steps:
  1. Record your Stories, Advice, Ideas, Blogs or Testimonials about your products and services.

  2. Include an intro about yourself, the content, and a call to action at the end. Each recording must be 10 minutes or shorter.

  3. Send your recordings to us via email, Google link, Dropbox, or even FB Messenger.


We'll do the rest!

We'll upload your podcasts with your photo and a short summary. We'll even distribute your podcasts on Social Media. 

Giveaway photo.jpg

Lead Generating


Giveaways Included in your

Champion Membership

Generate Leads with GIVEAWAYS

Target your audience and promote your horse-related product or service via a GIVEAWAY.
Our Giveaways are set up to generate leads for you by encouraging contestants to SHARE their unique invite link with their friends via social media, FB messenger, and emails. 


We make it easy for you by:
  • Discussing and Brainstorming Giveaway ideas with you

  • Setting up your Giveaway with your brand colors in mind

  • Editing the Giveaway based on your feedback

  • Sharing with our email list and on Social Media

  • Drawing the random winner for you

  • Sending you a spreadsheet of leads generated from your Giveaway

  • Encouraging you to send "love my list" email follow-ups 

Heike Frog.png

Business & Life


with Dr. Heike Jung

$149 per Session



Move forward with Business & Life Coaching

I'm a Certified Professional Coach.
I speak with people who are struggling. Sometimes they struggle in their business, sometimes they struggle with life. 
Whatever the struggle, by the time they find me, they are ready to get "unstuck" and find forward momentum.


If you are Stuck, that's OK.

Helping you achieve "Forward Momentum" is what I am about. You don't need to change, you just need to re-assess, re-align, and create a plan.

I know coaching is supposed to be a year long process. (That's what the gurus say.) But I know you can get clarity with just one of my sessions. 

All you need is to get unstuck. Imagine a horse stuck in mud, or caught in a fence. Once they are free, they can run again. Let me help you get unstuck!

  • We'll talk about where you are and where you want to be.

  • We'll discuss where you are stuck.

  • We'll figure out how to get you unstuck.

  • We'll create a few tasks to get you moving forward NOW.

Breakthrough Coachig

I recently had a coaching session with Heike and it was incredible.


She truly listened to me, and then helped me put a few things into perspective that had really been impacting on me. With her help, I was able to reframe some of my thoughts and felt lighter and more settled instantly, and days later, it has had a great effect on me overall.


I will absolutely be back for more and I highly recommend her to everyone!

--Melody Semmler, Owner of Equine Entrepreneurs

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