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DBL Coaching

Gently guiding Equestrians and Veterinarians to create amazing changes in their Businesses and their Lives.

Individual coaching for professionals who are experiencing a shift in their awareness, a need to fulfill that next dream, and a desire (a need) to move on.

Often this next step involves leaving behind the comfortable "old" and creating something new, which can be scary, frustrating, and paralyzing. 

Over the years I've worn quite a few different hats as a doctor, a leader, a healer, an equestrian, an entrepreneur, and a coach. However, there has always been a common thread in my work: I help people feel empowered.  



"Even after 30 years of building businesses, leading divisions for Fortune companies, training leaders in the top technology and health care companies, and having taught at a college level, I was not prepared for the depth of clarity and direction I received in only a couple of coaching sessions. Dr. Heike Jung is a phenomenon among executive coaches."

~JuliAnna Stone, DBA, MBA, CEO, Career Life Academy

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