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Inspired Riding

Become the rider your horse can depend on!

Using Remote Coaching & Online Courses to encouraging Equestrians to be more capable, confident, and intuitive

Inspired Riding is a unique system for Equestrians, created by Certified Riding Instructor, Beth Lauren Parrish. Beth encourages Equestrians to rediscover their Mojo, so they can feel safe, confident, and connected to their horses.


"I started riding again this year after many years away from anything horsey and was quite nervous about starting again. Beth has been absolutely fantastic about building my confidence back up and brushing up on previously learned skills while, at the same time, taking my riding to an even higher level. Beth is always positive and encouraging and has lots of exercises and great imagery to reinforce what is being taught during the lesson. Just watching her teach it is clear how passionate Beth is about furthering her students' knowledge of everything equine and exactly how much she cares about each and every horse she interacts with. I couldn't have asked for a better reintroduction to the horse world!" --- Brittney Marquart

It's time for you to feel amazing too!

Face Your Fears Course: Lose the fear and activate your fun button! This online course is designed to help you face your fears, so you can feel calm, confident and empowered. Bring the fun back to your riding!

Discovery Course: 21 self-paced lessons for enhancing your self-awareness as a rider. Learn to trust your intuition and explore animal communication, so you and your horse can be happier!

Remote Coaching: Personalized plans for you and your horse. Wherever you live, you can have access to supportive, fun, and intuitive coach. Even if you're taking riding lessons, this can help.

Animal Communication Sessions: Get direct messages from your animals.

Video Lessons: Supportive feedback with exercises to try at home.

Secrets from the Saddle: Video Lesson + Animal Communication Session = Ultimate Success. Learn what your horse needs from you, when you’re in the saddle.


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