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The Horse Connection

The Horse Connection is recognized nationally for excellence in developing capable and resilient individuals and trust-based equine-human relationships.

The Horse Connection, LLC offers Equine Gestalt Coaching for anyone desiring to make positive choices in their life and Quality Trust-Based Partnership Training for horses and those who love them.


The mere presence of the horse can transform a troubled heart to a heart filled with tranquility or peace. In short, horses give us space to dream and those dreams can turn into actions.


For more than twenty-five years, I raised, trained, bred and showed Arabians, Anglo-Arabians, Andalusians and Paso Finos. I was consumed by the desire to master the disciplines of Western, Hunter and Dressage in the show world and won numerous championships.
Then I decided I needed more of a personal challenge so I began conditioning my personable Paso Fino stallion, Centauro La Estrella, for competitive trail competitions. We hit the trails and never looked back at the show world.


We discovered a connection that was far beyond what we had in the show ring. He depended on me, and I on him, to keep each other healthy and safe on the trails.


He was my rock when my daughter’s father passed away and when I sought my first divorce. Again, I felt I could remove my guard when I was with Centauro and bear my fears and doubts.


His shoulder was there for me when I needed to cry and he carried me like the wind when I needed to feel alive and free.


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